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Wild Card Brewery was founded in 2012 at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate Walthamstow. 

We brewed Mon-Fri and come the weekend, we would open the brewery doors and serve up our beers. With support from the local community our shed became one of Walthamstow's best loved bars, hosting beer festivals, tap takeovers and live music.

Meanwhile, in the brewery, Jaega was working away, tweaking old recipes and coming up with new ones. By 2017 she had 2 award winning beers under her belt and was struggling to make enough beer to keep up with demand - we were going to need a bigger brewery. So in 2017, we started a crowdfunding campaign to help us move the brewery to a bigger site.

In 2018 the brewery moved over to Lockwood Way, where we have doubled capacity - which means lots of Wild Card beer for all.

Wild Card Brewery now has two tap rooms in Walthamstow, and our beer is available in pubs, bars, restaurants and supermarkets across the UK.

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Jaega Wise

Head Brewer - BEng (DIS) Hons

Hailing from Nottingham City, Jaega’s background is in the field of Chemical Engineering. Jaega first worked as a Process Technician for General Electric’s Water Division before moving to London for a commercial role in the industry - switching to international chemical import & trading. Combining expertise in mathematics, engineering & logistics Jaega leads the brewing team at Wild Card.

Jaega is also a television presenter, most recently featuring on Channel 5's The Wine Show. When not tending her beloved spreadsheets or brewing, Jaega spends her time on stage or in the recording studio. Find her stuff here

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William Harris


Impulsive and restless, William was born in the shadow of Mansfield Brewery's  towering factory in Nottinghamshire. William worked as a barman in various pubs and as a cask washer in a brewery before moving to London.

A man of insatiable appetites William is usually happily occupied eating or drinking beer

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Andrew Birkby


Raised on a healthy selection of best bitters and pale ales from his home Midlands, Andrew has always been fanatical about beer. Meticulous and calm, he  brings a level head and steady hand to the Wild Card Brewery. 

On the few occasions when not brewing or tasting you will most likely find Andrew learning Portuguese, riding his bike or tending his garden